Member directory

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The IAMCR membership directory displays basic data of the association's members. The directory is a simple and useful tool for facilitating engagement and interaction among IAMCR members.

Individual Members

The directory includes all current individual members, including regular representatives of institutional members and PhD student representatives of institutions.

There are two versions of the member directory.

  • The public version lists members' full name, affiliation, country/region of residence, and keywords
  • The member-only version also includes email addresses. You must be an IAMCR member and logged into your account to access this version.

Institutional members

The directory of IAMCR institutional members includes the name, city, country and URL of each member institution.

Section and Working Group members

The main page of each Section or Working Group displays links to the list of its current members. Like the directory of individual members, there are two versions. The public list of section/working group members displays the name, institution, city, country, keywords, and URL provided to use by each member. The version accessible to members also includes telephone number and email address.