Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is preparing a new and more practical mandate that reflects the importance of members and the need to provide new reasons to join IAMCR (new and better member services, increased recognition of the benefits, etc.) in order to increase the membership base and to encourage existing members to remain with the Association.

The old mandate is below.

The committee seeks to define new modalities, works more effectively among IAMCR members towards the common objectives of the association according to the different strengths, capacities, experiences and priorities.

There are four main objectives of this committee: First,  fostering constructive encounters and fruitful exchange between academic, professional and research concerned with media and communication field. Second, producing a shift in the locus, impetus, implementation, and innovation to regional levels to create a real diverse setting, by invigorating on regional connectivity, & identity. Third, providing a 'shared but differentiated responsibilities' to support a fair and balanced access of IAMCR members to knowledge, resources, and decision making within the association. Fourth, establishing new forms of regionalisms with the aim of embracing a gradual change from comparative media heterogeneity to an expanded homogeneity.

In the process of attaining this regionalisation, locally recruited national coordinators are invited in every region to reach out to the media and communication experts, professionals and academics, with the aim disseminating information on IAMCR, discussing and making recommendations on common regional issues and encourage membership.